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Kip Cothran owner of KC Photography

Kip A. Cothran has been in the photography business for over 30 years. Kip developed his 1st photo when he was 8 years old and has had the photography bug ever since. During high school Kip continued with his new found passion taking photography classes and photographing for the school newspaper and yearbook. Today, Kip is also the Director for West Coast School of Photography in San Diego.

Kip started his professional career in photography managing a photo lab, processing, and printing film. Kip additionally photographed weddings and events during his free time gaining further photography knowledge and experience. After5 years in the business, Kodak Cruise Service came looking for Kip to run their Photography Operation aboard the Royal Princess. Kip looking for adventure and opportunity traveled the world for 2 years as a cruise ship photographer. During his time aboard the cruise ships Kip photographed a multitude of countries, and over 350,000 people. When Kip returned to the United States, he became an in home baby photographer, photographing newborns from 5 days to 6 months old. Now Kip is a Digital Event Photographer running his in home studio in Murrieta, CA photographing Portraits, Weddings, Sports, Schools, Reunions & Corporate Events. 98% of Kip’s work is photographed digitally, printed and delivered the same day.

Kip’s energy and passion for photography is a life- long adventure. Kip’s business motto is “We Aim to Please” Kip fulfills this promise with his everlasting quest for knowledge in learning all aspects of the photography business. Kip thrives in helping other photographers succeed in the business of photography!

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